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Some people love it, others hate it, but for me it is an easy way for customers to showcase their work. I would love to see some of the beautiful things you make and Facebook allows me to do this. You can upload your own photos and comment on them. You can even see other peoples work. I will post updates about what is happening too. So have a look and see what you think :-)


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28 gauge (0.32mm)There are 4 products.

28 gauge (0.32mm)
Gold Filled 28 gauge in various tensions and shapes. This wire is all 14 karat gold bonded to jewellers brass. It is of the highest standard, sourced from a professional jewellery supplier in the US.

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We are having a clean out on a huge range of products. Keep checking back as more stock is added everyday. All items in Clearance are discounted and will not be replaced when sold out. Do not miss out on your bargains now.

Wubbers Now In Stock

These pliers have a great reputation and I have to say are beautiful to use. They are of a high quality and will give any wire artist years of service. All of the pliers have a comfortable non-slip padded grip for ease of use. Spoil yourself and check out the Tools page for a look at these great tools.

Changes to Aluminium Wire

Just letting everybody know that my supplier is in the process of changing the aluminium wire from painted to anodised. While this process is happening you will notice that some of the colours are not the same between gauges. This is due to the differing processes. As a result of the new changes, they have reduced the length of the wire from 15m to 13m. Please keep this in mind when looking for multiple wires.


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