Updated 23rd April 2020

These are very unusual times, and we are all trying to adjust to new circumstances and government restrictions.   As long as Australia Post is delivering, we will be shipping.  

Below you will find some extra information on the current status of delivery delays and stock levels.

Stay Safe and Happy Creating.


Delivery Delays are continuing, especially between states as there are no flights for Australia Post to utilise and alternatives are being sort.  It will take time for the backlog of parcels to be handled.

As of 23rd of April, Priority Letter Post is no longer available from Australia Post.  In Metro areas, Standard letter delivery is now reduced to delivery every second day (not every day as previously).  Regional Australia will see no change.  This will slow down the delivery of any standard envelope posted in Australia.  Changes to shipping options have been made to the site already, just keep in mind that envelopes will be a lot slower now.

Delivery times are longer than usual, and tracking does not seem to be regularly updating, due to the increased number of parcels Australia Post is handling. 

If you have paid for standard shipping, please allow an extra three business days to the regular delivery schedule. Also, keep in mind that delivery times are for business days and do not include the day the item was shipped.

To receive your order as quickly as possible, I would recommend that you pay for Express Post as this is given priority over standard parcel post.

Victorian customers. 

As at 23rd of April, parcels are still slow to Victorian states however they have made some headway in reducing the backlog.

Parcels appear to be taking even longer than other states, possibly due to the additional restrictions you have in place.

New Zealand customers.

As at 23rd of April, parcels are shipping to New Zealand, however there is a backlog due to a lack of international flights.  Australia Post are working on a solution.  

Orders are still shipping through the postal system. Please be aware that I have had a few problems with shipping orders placed after 11 am due to Australia Post website issues. If I cannot ship your order the same day, I will let you know and send it the next business day.

Stock Levels

As at 23rd of April, stocks are still being received.  Precious metals are also arriving, albeit slowly.  A number of standard items have been removed as I can not replenish the stock and there is no guidance as to when my suppliers will receive stock.

While I am currently receiving stock from suppliers, the process has become very slow.  I suggest checking back regularly or use the "Notify me when back in stock" feature available on each out of stock products page.

As we move closer to Easter, my suppliers are also running out of stock. Several products will not be available for some time. When I can not obtain an item in a reasonable time, I will remove it. Once things start to settle down, production starts up again, and I can restock, I will bring the products back.