Welcome to Inspire With Wire

Same Day Shipping

If you order and pay before 1pm AEST then we will ship your order that same business day.

Secure Payment

Fast Secure payment via PayPal.  No account required just a debit or credit card.

Friendly Service

Orders are shipped as soon as possible and we always try and answer your questions.

Available Stock is Ready to Ship

No waiting for stock to arrive, all available stock is ready to ship now!

New Website 

We have had a major update to our website!  This update will allow some extra features in the future.  We expect that most things should be the same, just a new improved look.  However if you do experience any problems, please feel free to drop an email and let us know.

Hope you enjoy the new site :-). 


Can I Pickup an Order?

No.  Pickup is not allowed, all orders must ship to a postal address.

Can I Add to an Existing Order?

Yes, under certain circumstances. 

New Zealand Customers

This is not available for New Zealand customers due to weight limits altering shipping costs.  You will need to place a second order and pay for shipping, we will manually combine your orders and issue a voucher for any excess shipping that is not required.

Australian Customers

Your order status must still be "Payment Accepted".  To see the Status of your order, log into your online account; view "Order History and Details" and confirm the current status of your order is Payment Accepted.  You receive an email when your order status is changed.  

If you have just placed an order and you wish to add another product(s):-

1.  Add items to your cart.

2.  Select "Checkout"

3.  Select your address.

4. In the "Shipping Option" scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Add to an existing order not yet being prepared".  This will give you free shipping so that you are only paying for the extra products. 

5. Pay for your order as normal.

When we process your orders, they will be combined into the same parcel and shipped via the carrier selected in your first order.

* Both orders must be shipped to the same address.

* Additional charges may apply if the original order carrier is a Priority Paid Envelope and a Satchel is required to combine multiple orders.  

Product Availability

All products that are available for order are in stock and ready to ship.  Back ordering is not permitted.  If you need more stock than is available send us an email and we will see how we can help.

Which wire gauge system is used?

All wire on this site uses the AWG (American Wire Gauge) system, also called B & S system for wire.  If you are unsure on the gauge of the wire, use the mm (millimetre) sizing listed in each category and on the product detail page.  Here is a comparison table of the size differences between AWG & SWG. 

Do we have a shop you can visit?

No.  We are an online shop only.  Click on the full details of an item for information relating to it's size and usage.