About US

We are a small online-only retail business based north of Brisbane, operating since 2009. Specialising in wire products, our focus is on supplying quality products in a wide variety of options. We offer wire in different metals in various shapes, tensions, lengths, and gauges from 8ga to 30ga.

We also stock tools, findings and cabochons that are great to use with our wire products.

All orders are processed and shipped quickly to reduce your wait time. We ship via Express Post in Australia and to our New Zealand neighbours, with Standard and Express shipping options available.

Contact Details

Business Name: Inspire With Wire

ABN: 45641235825

Website: InspireWithWire.com.au

Email: Email@InspireWithWire.com.au

Phone: 07-3495-8174

Phone Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am to 4 pm

Location: Online Only, no Shop Front or Pickup

Shipping From: Narangba, QLD, 4504

Pricing & Quality

Our jewellery-focused suppliers are based in the US to ensure our products are of good, reliable quality. As a result, the product price is set when new stock arrives.

Product Stock Levels

All products on this site show the quantity in stock available for immediate shipment.

If you would like something currently out of stock, enter your email address on the product page, and you will be notified when it is available.

Colours of Wire, Jump Rings and Beads

The colour of any item displayed on this website may vary from the one you receive. Colours will also vary between stock batches, especially with colour-coated wire products. Please remember this when ordering so that you order enough for your project; the next batch may be a different colour when compared. Colours also vary between brands.

Colour variances result from manufacturing tolerances and are entirely out of our control.

Wire Size Tolerances

The industry standard is that the wire size (i.e., the gauge) may vary by +/- 10%. This is a manufacturing tolerance and applies to all wire products. For example, 20ga is 0.8mm but may be between 0.72mm and 0.88mm.

From experience, most precious metals are their correct size. However, base metal wires have been known to vary to the maximum tolerance.

Safety Precautions

Making jewellery can be dangerous. Please ensure you use all due care and appropriate safety precautions, including eye protection.

Jewellery making is not suitable for children under 15 years of age as there is a high risk of choking and injury.

All tools must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Jewellery making can be a lot of fun in a safe environment!


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