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Jewellery making is a hobby of mine and has been for a while. I like to try new things and have an issue of not being able to wear anything gold plated. So I found out about gold filled wire and how cheap it is (compared to real gold), but still looks and wears like gold.


I found out that it is difficult to find gold filled wire in Australia. Supplies are varied, and quite often you can't get what you want - and don't start on the price! So I started sourcing my wire overseas; which is great, except you are forced to buy large quantities. So then I got to thinking that I can't be the only person in Australia having these problems - the result is this web site and store.


So I'm offering to you a chance to have a play and try using sterling silver and gold filled wire without the headaches of purchasing vast quantities you may not need; making it an excellent and affordable hobby. However, if you do want more substantial quantities, I can do that too at a reasonable price!

If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.


Contact Details


Business Name:Inspire With Wire

ABN: 45641235825




Location:Narangba, QLD, 4504


Pricing & Quality


The price of wire in Australia is very erratic and varies significantly from one place to another. I don't charge more for the popular wires (which most places seem to do).


The items I sell I use myself, and I have few overheads. As a result, the prices of some of the items appear a lot cheaper than other places but rest assured the items I sell are of good quality. I source my supplies from well-known jewellery suppliers in the USA and Canada, so I can be sure that I'm using the best as well :-).

Product Stock Levels


All products on this site show the quantity I have in stock.  It is the actual stock available for immediate shipment.


If you are after more than I currently have in stock, drop me an email with the details and how much you need. I will then get back to you with an expected date of delivery and price. If you would like something that is currently out of stock, drop me a line, and I'll let you know when delivery is expected.  

Colours of Wire, Jump Rings and Beads


The colour of any item displayed on this web site may vary to the one you receive. Colours will also vary between stock batches, especially with any colour coated wire products. Please keep this in mind when ordering, so that you order enough for your project as the next batch may not be the same colour when compared. Colour variances are a manufacturing issue and are completely out of my control. No refunds will be issued for wrong colour selections.


Safety Precautions


Making jewellery can be dangerous. Please make sure that you use all due care and appropriate safety precautions - including wearing eye protection.


Children must be supervised at all times. Do not leave children unsupervised for any reason.  It is recommended that children under 15 years of age are not allowed near any jewellery making supplies, tools or packaging as there is a high risk of choking and injury.


All tools must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.


Please use common sense and if you are unsure, ask the appropriate people for direction. Jewellery making can be a lot of fun in a safe environment!




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