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Wire - Gold (Solid)

Gold is a beautiful metal that has a timeless look and a warm feel.  We stock 10K and 14K solid gold wire.

All of the Gold wire is made in the United States and conforms to all ISO standards.  K refers to the purity of gold content.  Pure gold is 24K or 99.9% gold and usually too soft for most jewellery items.  Gold is mixed with other metals to form alloys making it more useable for use in jewellery.  The amount of gold in each alloy is represented by a karat value. 

10k is the equivalent of 10/24 or 41.7% gold content and approximately 58.3% Silver with traces of Copper.

14K is the equivalent of 14/24 or 58.3% gold content and approximately 41.5% Silver with traces of Copper.

The higher the Karat the more gold content and the softer the metal.

Solid Gold Wire available in 10K and 14K