People can be allergic to all sorts of things.  With this in mind, the metal for each wire product is listed within the full details of all wire and findings products.  Click on the photo, and a detailed table showing the metal the wire is made from will be displayed.  There is also a "contains" field that will list any additional details that may be required, for example, if a product is known to contain Nickel.

P65 Warning - California's Proposition 65.

This warning is required by California State Legislation (USA) for goods shipped to California and appears on many products sold on this website. 

For quality purposes, we use American suppliers, so stock is sent from the United States of America; some are made in the US, and others from other countries. California State Legislation states that any product shipped to California containing anything listed in the P65 warning must have a warning label. 

All Suppliers have added the P65 warnings to goods that require them, even if they are not being sent to California.  

The P65 warning is a very long list of every chemical or element in a product, from radioactive material to nickel and lead. All items listed are believed to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or reproductive harm. If a chemical listed on the P65 is present in a product, it must be labelled with a P65 warning; it does not consider the amount of the chemical present. 

Since 2023, many tools have a P65 Warning label containing Nickel.  Nickel is used as a hardener to reinforce tool blades and jaws to improve their performance and resilience to breakage.  

The purpose of the P65 warning is to allow consumers to make an informed decision on whether it is suitable for them.  You can view the P65 warning details at