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Tools for making beautiful jewellery. Good quality at reasonable prices. Tools do not have to cost a lot to be useful or functional!

Inspire With Wire - Tools of the Jewellery Trade


  • Cutting
    Tools for cutting wire and sheet. These include cutters, saw frames and saw blades.
  • Files
    Files to remove all those nasty sharp edges from your beautiful work.
  • Hammers
    All things to do with hammering. Hammers as well as bench blocks.
  • Mandrels
    All sorts of mandrels. Ring mandrels, jump ring mandrels, wire working mandrels in various sizes and shapes.
  • Miscellaneous
    Tools for special purposes. Others are just handy to have.
  • Pliers
    A huge range of pliers, you can never have too many pliers.....
  • Wubbers Pliers

    You will find a huge range of Wubbers Pliers here including the Designer Mandrel series, looping pliers and basic pliers.  Wubbers Pliers are of a great quality and standard, making your jewellery making process easier and more enjoyable.  They feature comfortable handles, highly polished jaws and a range sizes and shapes for all your jewellery making needs.